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  • See Cells. Change Lives.

See Cells. Change Lives.

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Unlike any other technology in the world, Cellvizio® lets you see cells virtually anywhere in the human body, at high magnification, in vivo, in real time. Suddenly you can understand what is occurring at the cellular level, right now, inside the patient. And that transforms your approach to diagnosis and treatment. Current diagnostic and treatment methods for many serious diseases are invasive, inefficient, and often uncertain. The result is missed diagnoses, unnecessary interventions, and undue complications. Cellvizio changes all that, with powerful impacts for physicians, practices, and patients, across the care continuum.

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Note: Those two pictures are not co-localized.

* Examples of the use of Cellvizio in endoscopic or surgical procedures are available in the list of publications available in the Resources sections.

1. Sharma P. et al. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 2011.